School Rules



  1. I will be punctual in arrival to school , be in the right place at the right time.
  2. I will wear the right / proper school uniform in school and school activities and PE kit during the PE lessons.
  3. I will be disciplined .No fighting ,using immoral or abusive language and chewing in and out of school.
  4. I will obey the teachers , prefects ,respect staff and visitors in the school compound.
  5. I will speak in English in and out of the school except on Fridays and during the Kiswahili lessons.
  6. I will take part in all school activities and duty roster except on medical grounds.
  7. I will attend and maintain silence in all class lessons and complete homework in time.
  8. I will take care of personal and school property. I am accountable for loss of textbook and damage for furniture allocated to me including breakage of windows and doors.
  9. I will stay within the school compound until the school compound until time to go home , fill exit sheet when I have to be out of school.



       10.I will not carry out any unhealthy relationships in school and I will  report anything I think is not right to the authority

Debate Club

In Kariba road primary we have a robust debate club that nurtures pupils in ublic speaking and also makes them improve in languages.

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Message from the Headteacher

Welcome To Kariba Road Primary School

I wish to acknowledge the staff,support staff,pupils of Kariba Road  Primary for their encouragement …

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